Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Reviews on Fulfillment - It's All About Power

Here are new reviews of my novel, Fulfillment - It's All About Power. Order your copy for $5 using the Buy Now button below. Please e-mail me your thoughts about the book. I know you will enjoy reading about finding purpose and fulfillment, what these times mean, and how to increase your power.

  "Michael Sullivan’s new book Fulfillment is “all about power,” but also about the evolution, history and demise of the ancient Mayan culture and how their knowledge of, and connection to, the natural world has implications for modern times.
  Sullivan is profoundly adept at weaving the ancient and the arcane with a contemporary tale of mystery, suspense and enlightenment – including the mystery of the crystal skulls.
  Like the power of the vortices in areas of the American desert Southwest, Fulfillment drew me in from the start and, page after page, kept me wanting to know more.
  Fulfillment is just that – a surprisingly fulfilling, intense and fascinating read."

Patricia R. Healey
Freelance Editor
Bellevue, Idaho

Here's a review covering a central theme in Fulfillment:

"I just finished reading Fulfillment. Very impressive! I especially enjoyed the way you wrapped it all up with your worldview in the final chapter. For me, personally, I feel enriched by the book in three ways: First, I got to know the author (the definition between fiction and nonfiction is obviously blurred throughout). Second, I got a renewed interest in human history. And, third, by reading Fulfillment, I feel as if I have come much closer to understanding this "shift of consciousness."
Junction City, Oregon

Here's a review highlighting the satisfaction that 
Fulfillment brings:

Fulfillment is an extremely well-written novel based on historical evidence and mystical beliefs of the Mayan culture. You will travel into mystery and adventure in today’s world while gaining an historical perspective of this once-powerful civilization. Since the characters are realistic and depth-based, you will feel that somehow you are accompanying them as an unseen observer. A great way to get involved in a mystery while learning both current and historical facts about the exotic locations and cultures."

Bob Kreibich
Scottsdale, Arizona

Here is a review of 
Fulfillment from a reader who had a hard time putting the book down:

"I was on a Spiritual Journey back in 1994, and 'Fulfillment' takes place in
where I was. It is so riveting, I can't put it down. Anyone, who is spiritual, or leans that way, please don't hesitate...go for it!!!"

Nancy S. Collins

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