Friday, April 16, 2010

Video Introduction to In Search of a Perfect World

Click the video above to see my introduction to In Search of a Perfect World.
Are there any connections between the intentions and actions of al-Qaida, the Taliban, U.S. citizen militias, Nazis, Soviets, Christian Crusades, the Jewish conquest of Palastine, and the U.S. invasion of Iraq?
For as long as history has been recorded, dreams of a better and more-perfect world have been acted out. Many spiritual, political and social traditions have been built upon a belief that there was once a better, more-harmonious period and that by doing the right things we may be able to recreate that period, to bring about another Golden Age. For some, that is a world in which Truth, Love, justice and harmony prevail. Others have a less-harmonious view. Is there any substance to the idea? Or is it simply a dream?
Originally published in 1999, under the title Making Sense of the Millennium, the updated and retitled work is as relevant today as it was then (perhaps more so). What we see as chaos and destruction in today's world is actually a purification, clearing the way for a new world. The process is under way. Find out how we arrived at where we are, why we are here and where we are going. Order online through AuthorHouse, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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